Brethren, sooner or later all members of this lodge must answer the question asked by interested brothers: what is an Observant lodge? Is it Strict Observance or Traditional Observance? Or…

This was the introductory sentence of my lecture presented in my Observant Lodge: Templum Lucis No. 747. Last week, at our regular meeting of September (remember, we meet only in the months with equinox and solstice!) I had the honour to be the in-lodge speaker. Having in mind the great number of visitors expressing their interest in Observant Masonry and the desire to learn about the topic – the lodge decided to have a brief presentation based on Andrew Hammer‘s well-known book – Observing the Craft.

If there are Masons in your area that are interested in hearing about Observant Lodges I would gladly visit your lodge to present a similar lecture!

Observant Masonry Lecture

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