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Weekly Masonic Doubts - book coverMasonic Footnotes (this website) has now its own publishing “department” – Cravat Books – created to release books of István Horváth. The very first volume is a Masonic pocket companion: Weekly Masonic Doubts. It has 52 chapters (plus a Bonus chapter) with thought-provoking mini essays for each week of the year. Readers are invited to contemplate those topics, or even to question some truisms.
A provocative little book recommended for all Masons!

Here is a brief introduction from the book:

It is important to approach this book and its weekly thoughts offered to the reader as a very private mental exercise: just you, the Reader, and your thoughts looking into your soul. Otherwise, the whole idea is in vain. The author hopes that each week focusing on one single topic or idea or fact… would help you to clear your mind and contemplate what that week’s topic means for the reader.
This exercise is a lonely activity, akin to meditation when your soul and mind are connected with the Universe. We can and should be as sincere with ourselves as possible. Cheating ourselves is not worthy of a Mason. For some questions, the Reader might already have an answer or be able to find one easily. For some other topics the reader may need a week to contemplate before arriving at a conclusion.
Although – and this is extremely important – nobody is giving you a task, like you had to prepare your homework in school. You don’t have to come up with an “answer”. Just as we say about Freemasonry: the important thing is the journey, the road we travel mentally in order to explore our inner self. Look into the “inner chamber” of your mind and heart! That’s where your answers are…

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The beautiful cover art is the work of an early master, the author of the book Studium universalis: Valentin Weigel (1533-1588) and has been copied and coloured many times over the centuries.

Interested in learning more? Sign up to the launch list to be notified when it will be available worldwide, and till then read a sample chapter! You can also learn more about the author of the book and of this blog.

New book: Weekly Masonic Doubts

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