Shall we rewrite the Masonic history?

Anderson, 1738

This was the sensational discovery presented at this year’s Sankey Lecture in Masonic Studies. Professor Andrew Prescott of the Glasgow University had a captivating story to tell and shattered our idea of having certain knowledge regarding the beginnings of the Craft.
Now, if this detail proved to be untrue… how much can we trust Anderson’s history in general?

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The hidden meaning in front of us


Today, we are lacking the classical education, so it becomes less and less clear what an allegory and what a symbol is. However, we do sense and understand the one thing they have in common: they stand for something, they represent something that is behind. They are not the “real” thing that is to be known or learned about – they are just a prop, if you wish. Stand-in, the movie people would say…

Ever since people – inside and outside of the lodges – began to write about Masonry they always tried to capture

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