In the past months I have been presenting my TEMPLE IN THE AIR lecture in different online forums, like the prestigious VOOSA (Virtual Order of Sapere Aude) which will soon celebrate its 100th online “meeting”. All the Zoom lectures are stored on YouTube at the Grand Lodge of Georgia (the country, not the state!) channel. Follow them on their Facebook page: Sapere Aude Lectures

VOOSA presentation
Presenting the Temple in the Air to VOOSA audience

The same PowerPoint show and lecture was also presented in the world’s first virtual lodge, under the jurisdiction on the Grand Lodge of Manitoba – Castle Island Virtual Lodge No.190. Castle Island Virtual Lodge is a unique phenomenon in the Masonic world with its online only meetings!

Templi pansophici delineatio
Templi pansophici delineatio
The lecture (actually, a paper in the making) tries to shed some light on the origin of the literary topos of Solomon’s Temple in the Masonic ritual(s) – based on original Latin texts in the 1600s…

Temple in the Air lecture

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