Debunking 7 myths in Freemasonry

Vanitas vanitatum
  • there was NO “freemasonry” in the antiquity or in the Biblical times;
  • the Speculative Freemasonry as we know it today originated from the British Islands;
  • consecutively, there were no Masons – as we use the word today – before that in other countries;
  • no, Leonardo da Vinci was NOT a Freemason;
  • no, the majority of the USA founding fathers were not Masons: out of the 56 signatories only 9 were documented Masons;
  • the 3 best-known Canadian beer brands were founded by Masons.
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The Stuffed Barbarian

With this post I am launching a series of Masonic Book Reviews. I planned it for a while and now the “critical amount” has accumulated and here goes the first piece of this section. I apologize to my readers who speak only English – sometimes I will review even books written in other languages. Not to annoy you but trying to share information about books from other cultures. Here is the very first one: a novel written in my mother tongue, in Hungarian, by a writer and researcher, Gergely Péterfy.

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